The Future of Answering Machine Detection!

In the world of call centers, every second counts, and every connection matters. Introducing RaptorDetect – the revolutionary answering machine detection technology designed to keep your call flow seamless and efficient. Unleash the Power of Every Call with RaptorDetect!


RaptorDetect Features

We understand the pressures of reporting call statistics and the constant challenge of justifying technology investments. That’s why RaptorDetect is built for performance and priced for affordability. It’s an investment that pays for itself, not just in numbers, but in the satisfaction of your team and the success of your calls.

Real-Time Detection

High Accuracy Rates

Seamless Integration

AI-Driven Technology

Experience Unmatched Speed and Precision in Call Management.

RaptorDetect is not just fast; it’s the fastest. Its state-of-the-art detection system ensures that your agents connect with live callers more often, reducing hang-ups and maximizing opportunities. With RaptorDetect, you’re not just making calls; you’re making connections.

RaptorDetect isn’t just a tool; it’s your call center’s new best friend. It works tirelessly in the background, ensuring that your agents spend less time waiting and more time engaging. The result? Improved call statistics, happier agents, and impressed bosses.

Don’t let your call center lag behind. Embrace the future of call management with RaptorDetect. Try it today and see the difference in speed, efficiency, and success. 

Your calls, your success – RaptorDetect makes it happen.

Join the league of top-performing call centers. Upgrade to RaptorDetect – where every call is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Act now, because in the world of call management, speed is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity!


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RaptorDetect Benefits

RaptorDetect not only boosts productivity by streamlining call processing but also significantly reduces operational costs. Enhance your customer experience with faster, more accurate call routing while minimizing wait times. Experience a new standard of call center excellence with RaptorDetect.

Increased Productivity


Enhances Customer Experience

Wait Times

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Integration & Compatibility

Compatible with Most Dialers — Fast and Easy Integration.

Essential Flight

Per Detection

Detections per Month


Supreme Soar

Per Detection

Detections per Month


Advanced Glide

Per Detection

Detections per Month


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